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Home Family Photography | Goodbye, Montreal.

A home family photography session seemed to be the perfect way to remember their beloved home.

The moment you walked through the front door, Katija’s special touch was all around you.  An amazing painter,  her artwork hung alongside that of her children’s. Flooded with light and filled with lovely details and vibrant colours on a bright white backdrop,  it was a home that made you immediately feel relaxed. It was the perfect place to have a hot cup of coffee at the kitchen table, to share a great conversation with a friend.

Now, Katija and her family were moving to Texas, and although her husband had already re-located, she wanted to take the opportunity of those last days to capture her and her girls in this place they had called home for the last four years. That is exactly what we did together on a mild Saturday in December.

This is what it looked like.

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