Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Here are some answers to a few frequently asked ones. Please feel free to contact me here if you require additional information. 

What exactly is a storytelling, or documentary-style session?

Storytelling sessions strive to capture families in the most natural way possible. Its goal is to tell a family's personal story, to capture their daily life through photos.

My goal when documenting a family is to photograph the essence of who they are at that given moment. As a result, I tend to give very little direction, and some clients are happy to learn there is little to no posing. What you do need to bring to your session is trust.

How much does a session cost?

Collections begin at $475. Please contact me here for more details.

How does this all work?

Prior to your session: You contact me here. We set a date, which is reserved once the non-refundable retainer is received. I send you some paperwork, including a questionnaire that lets me get to know you a bit better, while clarifying our collaborative vision for your session and photos.

On the day of your session: I arrive with camera in hand, and get to meet you and each of your family members. Sometimes, I have already started snapping photos before you even open the door. Sessions typically last 1-2 hours, although breastfeeding and newborn sessions tend to last a little longer, to allow to work with baies' schedules, and tend to their needs.

After your session: You relax, and I work on your photos. Within 6-8 weeks, I contact you with a link to your private, password-protected proofing gallery. You select your final collection, sending payment. Finally, I send you the link to your downloadable files, in both high resolution (for printing) and low resolution watermarked versions (suitable for web and social media). You download your images to your computer, and simply enjoy them. For the rest of your life.  

What kind of locations do you recommend?

Sessions may take place in the comfort of a client’s home, or a nearby location of their choosing. Since I take a storytelling approach to documenting families, in-home photos remain my preference, adding a very personal backdrop to the photographs I take for my clients. I strongly encourage people who do choose to be photographed outside their home to select locations that have meaning to them.

What should we wear to our session?

This is not the kind of session where you need to go out and buy new clothes, nor is it the type of photography that requires you and your family members to wear matching outfits.

My best recommendation is to wear something that makes you feel good and comfortable. If you wear something that does not feel like “you”, or that you need to tug at, it will show. Remember, this type of session is meant to capture you and your family in your daily life. If that includes playing in a sandbox, gardening, or a game of Twister, dress accordingly.

What can we do during our session?

When settling on a time for your family sesssion, i always suggest clients consider what a typical day looks like for their family. You might be surprised by how many awesome things there are to capture. Here are a few ideas:

    • Prepare and eat a meal
    • Read a book
    • Play:In the backyard, in a kid's room, at the kitchen table
    • Make something: A craft, some art, music, some delicious cupcakes
    • Walk the dog
    • Get ready: For the day, for an outing, for bed
    • Go to a favourite family location 

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