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Family Storytelling Photographer | A Day In Our Life: January 29, 2016.

As a family storytelling photographer, part of my class assignment for Colie James‘ workshop The Business of Telling Stories, was to photograph a day in my life. It was an assignment that proved to be more challenging than I imagined.

Firstly, it is not so easy to simultaneously photograph and manage daily life. I don’t know about you, but there are some parts of my daily routine that are already pretty insane, particularly before school, and remembering to capture it while getting kids dressed/fed/out the door in time for the bus brought the intensity up to an whole new level. As a result, there are  many  things throughout the day I missed,  and some things that I did capture that I wish I had approached differently.

Another lesson I took away from this assignment is that capturing an entire day is really an exercise in paying attention, and failing to notice and photograph the smallest details can lead to a disjointed story. Since this assignment, I am much more attentive to such moments and details, and I already see the shift in my photography. It’s pretty amazing.

Finally, this assignment reminded me how much I value storytelling photography. Despite all its imperfections, the final series of photographs I ended up still managed to tell a clear story of who we were on January 29th, 2016. This is what our life looked  like. This is how we went about our day. I have no doubt in my mind how valuable these photographs will be in time, to look back upon, and to remember how things once were, and how things change.

Here are a few select images of what our January 29th, 2016 looked like.

You can view the entire gallery here.

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