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It has been two years since I first joined the Sham of the Perfect team, two years since this project came to light, creating a photographic community that strives to capture daily family life honestly, to emphasize the raw, natural beauty of families.I am very proud how we are constantly pushing ourselves to stay true to our vision in innovative ways.

We experienced many milestones this second year, including more exposure via the web, print, and even on TV. Our message spread even further, and it is really amazing to watch this community grow- we even hit 10000 via our Instagram feed this week.  I am so happy to be a part of the Sham of the Perfect team for 2017. This year promises even more wonderful and exciting things, including a shiny new website, that will have all kinds of amazing new features in the works for this year. Our team has  also grown, with six new members , and I can’t wait to discover and get inspired by their artistry and perspectives of documentary family photography. If you haven’t already, I hope you will join us via our website, Instagram, and Facebook. 

On a personal note, Sham of the Perfect really pushed me creatively this year. I am happy to say that some of the images I submitted for our weekly collaborative post are probably among my favourites I have ever taken, and oftentimes, would not exist had it not been for that weekly deadline. Most were taken with a broken lens, which serves as a reminder that equipment is not the be-all and end all when it comes to photography. In addition, as part of the Sham team, I was able to experience having one of my photos published in a magazine for the very first time, and suffice to say, it was pretty emotional for me, and I am ever so grateful for the opportunity.

Just like last year, as I put this post together, I am overcome with gratitude to have this series of photos to remind my family who we were, what we looked like, and what we did in 2016. I hope I captured at least part of our story in a way that will become even more meaningful in time. I am also overwhelmed with the thought, “I made this”. To have completed two years of this project makes me proud, proud not only to have simply shown up weekly, but to have created a precious series of photos for my family.

I hope seeing my Sham of the Perfect series for 2016 will inspire you to capture your own life. Really. All you need is a camera, any camera, and a little discipline. I can’t promise you will be happy with each image, but I can promise you this: stopping to seek out and observe the beauty in your own life, and taking a couple of moments to capture it will make you realize how much you have to be thankful for. Make it your prayer.

Once again, thank you to the Sham of the Perfect team, for listening to me, encouraging me, and especially inspiring me.

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